Thursday, September 13, 2007

360 ft under ground

On September 9th we filmed part of the Mallick-Vader duel. The filming took place in the MINOS tunnel and experimental hall, which is 360 ft under ground. The non-Fermilab employees received Mine training from Mike Andrews so that they were qualified to enter the area. Thanks Mike.

We had 2 cameras for the shoot. Nathan Stein operated Camera A and Chip Edstrom was the Camera B operator. Chip filmed the fire fight between Jared and the 'troopers. Mark Van Slyke and Ed Silva played the scout trooper and sand trooper.

Ted O'Sullivan (Vader) and Max Monningh (Jedi Mallick) worked rigorously on perfecting the duel. Our fight choreographer, Bruce Worthel, did an excellent job with instructing the actors.