Friday, May 1, 2009

Final Production Shoot and Opening Crawl

Hard to believe but on Sunday April 27th the final production shoot was completed at Fermilab. In the morning we shot a scene in the Atrium of Wilson Hall. The Atrium is the backdrop for a meeting with the Prime Minister of Berrata Prime and our two heroes. The scene was completed by 12:30 and then we moved to the second floor to film another scene. A scene that involved turning a conference room into a bar prior to filming. (refer to above picture by Max Monningh) Several people, cast and crew alike, pooled their space-age odds and ends and added them to the set. Batavia artist Joe Gagnepain dressed the set with his sculptures, Curtis the robot, etc.

Thanks to all of the stormtroopers, aliens, bounty hunters, humans, artists, cast, and crew who took part in this last shoot. Without you this fan film would not have had a chance. The only filming left is the few pick-up and redo shots. There will be miniature model filming during post production. Also, lots of rendering!

The opening crawl with the lead-in to the first scene has been completed. Here is the opening crawl and the opening shot. There aren't any sound effects or music after the Star Wars theme. (Star Wars Main Theme is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd, composed by John Williams) The nebula took 8 days to render with 3 processors. Compositing all elements together took 2 days. Enjoy.