Sunday, July 12, 2009

X-wings, TIE Fighters, Explosions, Oh My

Now that we are fully in post production mode, I though I'd release a 10 second tidbit. The shot is from the Imperial surprise attack scene that occurs near the beginning of the movie. There is no sound yet.

We've had two ADR sessions so far. Vader's voice has been recorded in its entirety. Yari'el and Jarad voice overs for the Sarco cockpit scenes have been recorded. Our first foley session was Thursday. What a blast. Dave, Max, and I are walking around the studio trying to sync the steps of Yari'el, Jarad, and the clone commander walking down a hallway. At the same time Dave is trying to mimic the armor sounds, Max is attempting to get the leather sound from the clones body suit as he moves in the scene, and I try to get the blaster sound as the clone trooper comes to attention.

We welcome Brian Kovacs to our production crew. He will be the sound designer of the film and is starting off with creating the ambient sounds of the Sarco cockpit and exterior (engines, fly-by, etc.).