Saturday, April 12, 2008

First completed CGI shot

We have finished our first fully rendered and composited effects shot. The shot is of the Sarco, which carries Yari'el and Jared, being chased into the clouds of an uncharted planet. The blaster bolts were added with After Effects. The explosion comes from The foreground clouds were animated in After Effects. The Sarco and TIE fighters were rendered in Lightwave 9.2 and output to an EXR image sequence. There are 2 layers to each render, key and fill which are composited together in After Effects.

Screamernet, which is a network rendering program in Lightwave, was set up on our quad core machine. It treats each processor independently when rendering frames. Next, we will extend Screamernet to other computers on our intranet.


Kirkbrew said...

Cool!!! Now just need another 119 minutes and 50 seconds!

Matt said...

LOL kirkbrew