Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, it has been a year since the last post.  Ouch.  I'll have to improve on that.  Act II is still in post production.  There is an enormous amount visual effects in this act.  They range from a land battle between AT-ATs and a live action clone army to a Sith holocron revealing Darth Plagueis.  The Imperial briefing was filmed against a bluescreen and now the briefing room visual effects are complete.  The briefing room model  was created by Jan Jacob and is  a redress of the Jedi Temple briefing room.

Imperial briefing room screen shot.
The holocron effects are complete.  Josh O'Connell's perfomance was filmed against a bluescreen and then composited onto a background plate from the NuMI tunnel.

Holocron switching on due to Jedi blood that was available.

Josh O'Connell as Darth Plagueis in holographic form.
 Heck, we even have anamorphic lens flares for some of the lightsaber clashes.  The lens flares are created in Lightwave 3D V9.6 and then composited on top of the rotoscoped lightsabers Adobe After Effects CS4.

Jim Kirkhoff as Jarad Dunkin and Ted O'Sullivan as Darth Vader.
There's still a lot to do but I thought I would share some of these images and give an update to the blog.

It is unfortunate that the Star Wars Fan Film Challenge is no longer around.  It was a great venue for fans to showcase their vision and fascination of the Star Wars universe. 

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